Case Studies


ADT Fire & Security - Office & Control Room AC

Airtech selected Daikin 4-way cassette systems to serve all office areas offering greater air distribution and reduced noise levels compared to other systems.

Fresh air was provided at a rate of 10l/s per person by Daikin 'Heat Recovery Ventilation' units interfaced with the air conditioning system for total control; providing fresh air whilst recovering heat energy from extracted air; helping to maintain room temperature changes caused by ventilation and a comfortable and clean environment.

This method of interface reduces the load on the air conditioning system and subsequently conserves energy.

Airtech also allowed for supplementary electric heaters and controls to provide pre-heat during winter conditions.


The Control Room required a cooling system capable of 10 tonne of sensible cooling duty.  This was achieved using Daikin Wall Mounted Super Inverter Systems with low ambient facility.  A perfect solution for this application.


Project Status: Complete